About the Book

Varkey Chacko writes that this book is "a humble attempt to seek the glory and majesty of the triune God, who is revealed to us as the Father in Heaven, His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit"

For us to stay alive, we breathe without noticing twelve to twenty times a minute. The respiratory system helps the lungs to expand and contract, supplying life-sustaining oxygen to our body and removing carbon dioxide from our system. Just as breathing is crucial to our day-to-day survival, prayer is essential to our spiritual life.

Through prayer, we build our spiritual man and establish the redemptive rule of the risen Christ in our personal lives as well as in the church, His Body. Prayer enables us to experience the mystery of God's glory and magesty in our daily walk with Him. It is through prayer that our spiritual man gets its vital sustaining power and taps into the mind of God.

In this book you will discover the secrets, insights, and practical ways you can live, move, and have your being continually immersed in God's presence. Not only it is a must read for you, but also a wonderful gift to give to every believer you know, a family member, or a friend!

Book Information
Softcover: ISBN #978-1-4984-4625-9
Hardcover: ISBN #978-1-4984-4626-6
e-book: ISBN #978-1-4984-4627-3

Table of Contents

Part One: See Your Glory

  • Chapter 1: While My Glory Passes By
  • Chapter 2: Vision of the Lord on His Throne
  • Chapter 3: The Alpha and the Omega

Part Two: Hear Your Voice

  • Chapter 4: "Adam Where Are You?"
  • Chapter 5: "Abraham,Abraham!"
  • Chapter 6: "Moses,Moses!"
  • Chapter 7: "Samuel,Samuel!"
  • Chapter 8: "Saul,Saul"
  • Chapter 9: The Disciples

Part Three: Walk With You

  • Chapter 10: Enoch Walked With God
  • Chapter 11: Noah Walked With God
  • Chapter 12: Abraham Walked Before God
  • Chapter 13: The Lord Walked with Shadrach,Meshach, and Abed-Nego
  • Chapter 14: Simon the Cyrene Walked with Jesus
  • Chapter 15: Jesus Walked with Them on the Emmaus Road

Part Four: Lean on You

  • Chapter 16: Lean Not on Your Own Understanding
  • Chapter 17: Leaning on Her Beloved
  • Chapter 18: Like the Beloved Disciple

Part Five: Touch Him

  • Chapter 19: He Touched My Mouth
  • Chapter 20: His Touch Heals and Makes Us Whole
  • Chapter 21: "Who Touched Me?"

Part Six: Taste and See

  • Chapter 22: That the Lord is Good
  • Chapter 23: Fill the Water Pots with Water
  • Chapter 24: "Woman Why are You Weeping?"

Part Seven: Make me Your Disciple

  • Chapter 25: Serve the Lord
  • Chapter 26: Faithful and Devoted to One Master
  • Chapter 27: Your Will Be Done
  • Chapter 28: That I May Know Him