A New Book

A New Book for the Holidays by Varkey Chacko

My Heart's One Desire

Practicing the Presence of God.A Biblically Sound and Powerful Devotional.

By: Varkey Chacko

One of the three founding families of the IPC Church in Orlando, Florida.

Biblical Devotional

One of the best Bible Studies in the world.

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Practicing the Presence of God .

Desiring God is a supernatural practice, that while difficult to explain, is something every Christian can and must experience. That desire can take many manifestations, and as we read in the Bible, God has in the past and now in the present allows that experience to be enjoyed by His children

This new Biblically Sound and Spiritually Powerful Devotional book is a must read for those desire to experience the glory of God and Practice His Presence in the daily walk with Him.

-Varkey Chacko